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Spray Foam Insulation

Sealing holes and filling spaces has never been so easy once you choose to install spray foam. With two different types, namely Closed-Cell and Open-Cell, it is a master in keeping your home safe against insects, pollutants, and damages brought on by the harsh weather conditions your house has to endure. Using equipment, a very sticky foam is sprayed on ceilings, walls, and floors to cover holes that may serve as an escape route for heat that your home needs during colder days. This type is also perfect to install in parts of your house where there is very limited space because the equipment will do the job for you. Another admirable quality of this type is that it can keep its form for a very long time. The only thing that can be considered as a downside of this type for some homeowners is that this costs a bit more expensive compared to other popular types, but you can guarantee that investing in spray foam insulation will produce a more comfortable and safer home environment.

Attic Insulation

A safe and comfortable home is the goal that every homeowner wants to achieve as they build their dream house. To take a step closer to this dream, try insulating your attic to control the temperature of the whole room. As with many other insulations in different parts of the house, attic insulation is a very ideal investment that lasts for decades and can also give you big savings by reducing your time of using cooling and heating appliances. Attic insulation ups the game of your attic by making it more than just a storage area for unused stuff, so instead of making it a storage room, turn your attic into an investment that protects the safety of your health and family by installing insulation of any type that fits your budget and taste.

Residential insulation

Residential insulation helps in turning every home into a serene sanctuary. Once a home is properly insulated there’s no doubt that it can be protected against unpleasant weather conditions, insects as well as pollutants that may affect the quality of the air inside your humble abode. If you insulate your home, you will surely benefit from the soundproofing ability of insulation as it can filter the noise from outside your house and prevent it from penetrating your walls. A warmer atmosphere during winter and cooler, fresh summer days are just some of the best benefits insulation can give you.

Commerical Insulation

When it comes to commercial insulation, experts suggest that the type called Blanket Insulation is the best insulation to invest in. Insulation in commercial buildings produces greater savings because of the amount of electricity that will be saved. Installing high-quality insulation is vital as it also guarantees the safety of the people working inside the building by blocking the entrance of pollutants that may affect the air quality and cause respiratory problems. To find the best insulation services for you, make a quick call to an insulation service company near you and ask for a quote. With the right equipment, your insulation service provider will get the job done for you from inspection to installation; rest assured your commercial insulation needs will be met.

Insulation Removal

Notice that your insulation does not give enough heat or cold air when needed? That’s the time that it should be removed and install a new one. Insulation removal has a delicate process and has to be performed by experts to ensure the safety of home or business owners. Contact the insulation company that you trust to help you with the free inspection and give you a quote before starting the process of removing your old insulation. It may take a few hours before the old insulation is completely removed, always wearing safety equipment is a vital part of the whole process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does insulation last?

If you are wondering whether insulation can last forever, the only answer is no. Although insulation is made up of materials of great quality and is installed most efficiently by an expert team, its condition will still start showing signs of deterioration after 15 years due to a variety of factors such as intense weather conditions, insects, and old age. With proper maintenance and a thorough inspection, from time to time, insulations normally last for 20 to 30 years.

What type of insulation should I use?

The best type of insulation for you will depend upon the needs of your house that you want to address first. fiberglass, spray foam, and cellulose are just some of the most trusted insulations you can find on the market today. Whether you want to insulate the ceiling, walls, or roof of your house, looking into your budget and finding the right insulation company near you to attend to your needs will help you identify what’s the best insulation for you.

What is r-value?

The R-value is used to measure or estimate the resistance of a specific type of insulation against heat flow. A greater R-value produces greater thermal resistance and a more exceptional insulating effect. To identify the R-value, divide the thickness of the material by its thermal conductivity. Having a high R-value is an important quality that insulation should have; however, this does not mean that the insulation with the highest R-value is always the best insulation for your home.

Should I replace my insulation?

Replacing insulation is not something that has to be done ever so often as it can last for many years. Once you notice that your insulation is starting to show signs of damage and can’t support the soundproofing or heating and cooling needs of your home, then it’s time to replace it with a new one. Maintaining your home’s quality insulation is a must because having your insulation replaced with a new one also serves as protection for your family.

What is spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is the best insulation type for you if you are looking for insulation that can easily seal holes and spaces to stop air from leaking or pollutants from invading your space. It also has soundproofing or sound dampening abilities that help in filtering the sound that can penetrate your walls; giving you the serenity your home deserves. This is easy to install through the use of special equipment and is worth the investment as it can last for many years without deforming.

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